July/ August 2021 update

Annual leave 2nd August – 13th August

I am working virtually and have supported many families successfully this way throughout the pandemic, if necessary, after an initial virtual consultation, a home visit can be facilitated. Please click on the image below to fill out the form to book me for a consultation.

Click here to book IBCLC, Smiling woman, Lactation Consultant, breastfeeding support

I provide breastfeeding support in Sussex. I work worldwide virtually. Searching for a Lactation Consultant near you? Get in touch with me.

Infant Feeding Sling Consultancy

You can verify me here: https://iblce.org/public-registry/  
I am a member of the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain (LCGB)

I am proud to receive this award along with my fellow Lactation Consultants of Great Britain members in 2020 for our hard work throughout the pandemic.

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