An initial consultation can be at any time in your carrying journey and is best carried out in a room you feel most comfortable in.

The consultation will include a history taking of you and your baby/ies health, your pregnancy and birth. You are encoraged to meet the needs of your baby throughout the consultation. We will pause if needed and there is no pressure to rush and ignore the needs of your child at any point.

I will listen to your concerns and history, what you already know about carrying your baby and work with you to learn about the skills of babywearing.

I carry demonstration dolls with me where possible to allow you to practice along with me with less distraction and then we will try with your baby depending on the time frame and how they and you are feeling.

We will talk about a tailored plan for you to help you move towards your own babywearing goals.

During the consultation I may suggest sharing information with you health care provider such as your GP and/or midwife or health visitor if necessary.

If you think this type of care would suit your needs please get in touch and I can work with you for a good time to visit.

Payment is required at the end of consultations, this can be done by card and I have a card reader to make this as smooth as possible for you. Travel is charged at 0.45p per mile.

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