My baby is screaming crying and it is making every cell in my body scream along too.  I want to make things better for them but I cannot.  I research on the internet and I ask questions to my peers or elders.  It’s colic, I’m told by those I seek help from.  I research.  Apparently, this colic stops at 6 months.  Yet, I’m only 2 months in to this parenting thing and I’m working on a 24-hour clock so technically 4 months in and it’s going to feel like a year when I get to this point where this crying and discomfort stops.
I desperately try and find a solution, drops, massage, dummies all trying not to lose my mind.  I change the baby one time at lunch with the group of mummies I’d paid to be part of when I was pregnant.  My baby screamed and cried, theirs were all quiet and happy and one mother jokingly asked if I was trying to kill my baby by the sounds that came from the changing room… she had NO idea…

I stop here to explain because the story above is painfully mine.  My first child was like walking a path of lava that I kept falling over on, I was alone.  I’d had one of those births that aren’t worth going over here and I was really struggling, struggling to bond and struggling to be a mother.  He had ‘colic’ he was in such discomfort with his tummy but apparently this was normal and my hand dealt, I simply had to get on with it.

I now know many years later colic is a symptom of a problem occurring.  As is reflux.  In that time there has been studies, can you believe it, to confirm that babies do actually feel pain the same as adults... Who knew…

There are a number of reasons why a baby might display, “colic” or “reflux” symptoms. 

1. Colic symptoms can be a sign that a mother has an oversupply. 

2. Colic symptoms can be a sign that babies struggling with something in mums’ diet.

3. Colic symptoms could be because baby hasn’t yet achieved a great latch (which could be because of an oral restriction or simply positioning and attachment) and is taking in air or getting tired and frustrated with the feedings.

1. Reflux symptoms can be because of oversupply where a baby ends up taking in more milk than they needed but wanted to comfort nurse and then end up ejecting the extra milk from their tummy after this has happened.

2. Reflux symptoms can occur because there is something in mums’ diet that is really not making baby’s stomach feel any good and gets rejected abruptly and with upset for baby.

3. Reflux symptoms can be because of an issue within the throat.

It is horrible to be the mum of a baby that is truly unhappy for long periods of time. It can feel lonely and like you aren’t doing things right.  I can assure you that you are being a wonderful parent.  Keep your baby close for reassurance to them as you are their world and you can get through this together. 

If you’ve read through all the links and had any “ah ha!” Moments then you might want to get in contact with me or see if there is a local breastfeeding support group to you.

If you haven’t found an answer here then please contact me and I will try and find some support for you.

Is it Colic?

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