Why invest in an IBCLC?

You may have noticed I’m just beginning my journey as an IBCLC.  The truth is I’ve been studying for this role for over a year with a time investment of well over 2 years.  This meme I hope makes sense of why IBCLCs are a good investment.

It’s hard for me to put a charge on this work especially because I have been working as a volunteer for so long.  It feels uncomfortable to charge a price but the skill I’ve gained was done through taking expensive exams and spending hours of my time learning and researching.  Its uncomfortable to charge a mother in her most vulnerable state to work on something we generally feel we should apparently naturally be able to do. I know however that breastfeeding is a skill often that needs nurturing to achieve and I also see how important it is to the person breastfeeding to breastfeed but unfortunately “the powers that be” don’t see it in quite the same way.  If I could get reimbursed for my time, equipment and effort by another means than the mother, things would be a little easier in terms of the feelings surrounding charging a mother but one thing I know is the skill I have is valuable.

It’s taken me 7 years of motherhood to realise that my time is valuable.  I’ve given hours of myself and my talents with no monetary value attached to them and realised that it is my life passion and with that knowledge and skill comes a true value and path of life.

IBCLCs make a difference to an infant feeding relationship, they will do their best to stand by you when you are struggling through and offer support and trusted information so you can reach your feeding goals.

I hope you understand why an IBCLC is a good investment.

See you in the next blog, The Boob Lady

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