I’ve noticed a trend within my work as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I often look over to my bag and wish that there’s a magic wand in there.

I’m contacted by families when they want help and often it’s at the make or break point of a Breastfeeding relationship. I’m a helper, I want to make things better, I’m paid for this role, I’m a qualified person providing a service. My service is to help people meet their feeding goals.

Humans like seeing results fast and as some one who really cares, I want to see those results fast for those I help. Some times we have to remember though that it often doesn’t work like that, things take time to heal, they take time to learn and there’s never a one step solution to a Breastfeeding issue. It’s often a multi step approach that gets to the end desired result not a swish of a magic wand and all is better moment.

I’ve also noticed that my level of knowledge is now so normal to me that I think I have no knowledge at all. This can be slightly unnerving at times and I may panic inwardly at a situation thinking I must be really complicated when actually it isn’t. I’m just assuming I won’t know the answer.

It’s a heck of a ride being a lactation consultant IBCLC, I’m very privileged to have this qualification I will be forever learning and probably forever wishing that magic wand is inside my bag!

The Magic Wand of Breastfeeding