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A disappointment for those in the breastfeeding community. A disappointment for mothers and families in the country. A well written
I think about breastfeeding every day, its my job to.  I try and view it from as many angles as
Looking for some one qualified and skilled in breastfeeding to appear on your media outlet? Please send a detailed email
Chose a topic for me to cover, have me at your venue to offer breastfeeding "drop in" style support or
The journey of becoming an IBCLC is not an easy one. It's expensive (we are talking thousands here), it's time
This weekend I made the 4 hour round trip to Whitstable to go the Carmen Pagor IBCLC's #fillyourcup day with
Gift vouchers are avalible for purchase and a great gift for baby showers, grandparents wanting to offer skilled support, and
I feel I must write about it because I want you to understand when you possibly think I must be
Why invest in an IBCLC? You may have noticed I’m just beginning my journey as an IBCLC.  The truth is
The knitted boobs should help me to show you what I’m talking about and stop me from instinctively grabbing my